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  • Model: KR KMA2750
  • Weight: 2.57kg
  • Dimensions: 700.00mm x 222.00mm x 60.00mm
  • SKU: KR KMA2750
  • UPC: 0647096808907

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Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack

Get more from your Accu-Cut™ with an Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack with extended-length track guide
Double the cutting capacity of your Accu-Cut™ with the Accu-Cut Expansion Pack. It connects easily to your Accu-Cut to deliver the same straight, accurate, splinter-free performance on cuts up to 100' long. Make the cuts you need at any length and angle on panels, plywood, and MDF.

The Accu-Cut Expansion Pack brings the same consistent, dependable performance to your projects that you expect from the Accu-Cut – but allows you to guide your circular saw along an even longer aluminum track for support through the entire cut. The anti-slip, anti-chip guide strips extend through all four track pieces to bring the same tearout protection and stability to your cuts, no matter the length.

It’s easy to transform your Accu-Cut into a high-performance, 100' track guide with the Accu-Cut Expansion Pack. Simply connect the two guide tracks to your Accu-Cut whenever you need to make longer cuts. Take your saw and track to your workpiece to make any length cut – anywhere.

  • Double the cutting capacity of the Accu-Cut by adding two more sections of track to make cuts up to 100' long
  • No clamps needed thanks to anti-slip guide strips that keep the track in place through the entire cut
  • Easily and quickly break down panels and plywood with a circular saw at any angle
  • Same straight, accurate, splinter-free performance as the Accu-Cut
  • Make the cuts you need – anywhere – by taking your saw to the workpiece instead of bringing the workpiece to a fixed saw location
Features Doubles cutting capacity of Accu-Cut™ from 50' to 100'
Comes with new guide strips and stiffer steel track connectors
Construction Aluminum, rigid and flexible PVC
Capacity Adds 50' of cutting length
Compatibility Accu-Cut™ XL
Accu-Cut™ Replacement Guide Strips
Track Clamps
Dimensions (2) 26.5' Aluminum Guide Tracks
(6) Steel Track Connectors
(8) Accu-Cut™ Guide Strips
Owner's Manual