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Circular Saw Cutting

Model: KR KMA3700
Accu-Cut™ XL Transform your circular saw into a high-performance, track-guided cutting tool for breaking down full sheets of plywood with cuts up to 100' Set your projects up for success by making straight, accurate, splinter-free cuts with the Accu-Cut™ XL Circular S..
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Model: KR KMA2700
Accu-Cut™ Transform your circular saw into a high-performance, track-guided cutting tool Start projects right by making straight, accurate, splinter-free cuts with your circular saw and the Accu-Cut™ Circular Saw Track Guide. It rips, crosscuts and makes angled cuts u..
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  • 03/06/2024
Model: KR KMA2750
Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack Get more from your Accu-Cut™ with an Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack with extended-length track guide Double the cutting capacity of your Accu-Cut™ with the Accu-Cut Expansion Pack. It connects easily to your Accu-Cut to deliver the same straight, ac..
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Model: KR KMA4500
Straight Edge Guide Make perfectly straight cuts up to 4 feet in sheet goods with guided cutting Cut sheet goods down to size with precision and ease by using the Kreg® Straight Edge Guide. Work with material up to 4 feet and get the cuts you need — whether you're usi..
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Model: KR KMA2685-INT
Rip-Cut™ Turn an ordinary circular saw into a precision edge-guided cutting tool Great projects start with high-quality cuts, and you can make those cuts — more easily than you ever imagined — using your circular saw plus the Rip-Cut™ Circular Saw Edge Guide. ..
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Model: KR KMA3000
Panel Carrier Confidently carry full-size sheets with the Kreg Panel Carrier. It makes the tough task of carrying plywood and large panels as easy as clamp, lift, and go! Now you can move 4x8 sheets by yourself without added strain or risk of damaging the material. J..
R 970.66
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Model: KR KMA4000-INT
Portable Crosscut Add speed and accuracy to your circular saw with guided cutting The Portable Crosscut allows you to quickly and precisely crosscut boards up to 8' wide and make accurate cuts at a 45° angle — using just a circular saw. You'll know exactly where your ..
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Model: KR KMS7520
Track clamp The perfect companions to the Accu-Cut™ family of products, as well as the Adaptive Cutting System These easy-to-use Track Clamps lock into place on the underside of the Accu-Cut™ track and Starting Block to offer additional holding power when needed—such ..
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Model: KR KMA2699
Accu-Cut™ Replacement Guide Strips Accu-Cut™ Replacement Guide Strips allow you to easily replace the original strips on your Accu-Cut™, Accu-Cut™ XL, or Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack. If the strips ever get damaged, worn, or you switch to a different circular saw that requir..
R 308.09
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Model: KR NK9016
R 160.60
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