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Miter Saw Cutting

Model: KR KMS7801
Production Stop Get Repeatable Accuracy Add repeatable accuracy to your miter saw, band saw, table saw fence, router table, and more with this versatile Swing Stop. It holds your desired measurement precisely, and swings out of the way easily when you want to cut with..
R 1,176.45
Ex VAT:R 1,023.00
Model: KR KMA2800
Crown-Pro™ Take the guesswork out of cutting crown molding Installing crown molding is one of the best ways to add instant value to your home. The Kreg Crown-Pro™ simplifies the most frustrating steps of the process, so you make fewer mistakes and get the job done fas..
R 1,064.67
Ex VAT:R 925.80
Model: KR KMS7800
Production Stop Production-Ready Stop Create a production-ready stop for your miter saw station, router table, table saw or miter gauge with this heavy-duty stop. It features dual cursors and durable construction that give it accuracy and toughness in one easy-to-use ..
R 827.43
Ex VAT:R 719.50
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