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Routing System Components

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Model: KR PRS1045
Precision Router Table System Unmatched versatility, incredible adjustability The Kreg Precision Router Table System combines unmatched versatility with incredible adjustability and ease of setup to take your woodworking projects to the next level. This powerful syste..
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  • 02/01/2024
Model: KR PRS1200
Precision Beaded Face-Frame System The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Affordable Way to Build Beaded Face-Frames in a Home Shop Beaded face frames are a great way add detail, richness, and value to your cabinetry work. The Precision Beaded Face-Frame System works in conju..
R 13,219.25
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Model: KR PRS5000
Precision Router Lift Take control of your table-mounted router for quick, accurate, reliable, and repeatable setups The Precision Router Lift helps you elevate your routing capabilities by providing precise control when making router setup changes or changing bits...
R 9,769.25
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Model: KR PRS1015
Precision Router Table Fence Unmatched Versatility, Incredible Adjustability This innovative, anodized-aluminum fence features a table saw-style T-square adjustment system that ensures the fence will always stay parallel to the miter-gauge slot. The fence adjusts easi..
R 6,894.25
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Model: KR PRS1025
Precision Router Table Top Solid, Secure & Quiet Routing Solution This rugged MDF table top provides a solid, secure, and quiet routing solution for any workshop. A 1'-thick (25mm) MDF core provides a flat, solid top that absorbs vibrations, while steel reinforcing st..
R 6,089.25
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Model: KR PRS3090
3' Dual-Locking Casters (set of 4) Create a Safe, Stable Work Station Add mobility to your Multi-Purpose Shop Stand with these heavy-duty casters. Built to last and perform, these casters feature a dual-locking mechanism that won’t roll or pivot once engaged, resultin..
R 2,295.40
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Model: KR PRS3400
Precision Router Table Setup Bars Whether you’re working on a table saw, router table, or shaper, setting your tool to the precise height necessary is absolutely essential. The exclusive three-gauge design of the Precision Setup Bars makes them perfect for a wide variety..
R 2,242.50
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Model: KR KMS7448
Combo-Trak - 48' (Miter/Mini Trak Combination) Building your own router table? This combination Miter-Trak and Mini-Trak works with your miter gauge, featherboards, and other accessories, adding tremendous flexibility to your table top.....
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Model: KR PRS3020
True-FLEX™ Featherboard - Twin Pack The True-FLEX™ Featherboard gets its name from the careful engineering that went into its design. Many Featherboards on the market today apply too much pressure or not enough pressure to the workpiece, which results in imperfect cuts a..
R 1,121.25
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Model: KR PRS7850
Precision Router Table Stop Bring greater accuracy and repeatability to your Kreg® Precision Router Table with this uniquely-designed stop. Features a low-profile, aluminum design, made to flip out of the way when not in use. The included Precision Lens Cursor gives yo..
R 1,063.75
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Model: KR KMS7303
Jig & Fixture Bar - 30' Miter-Gauge Bar with a Precise Fit If you're building jigs and fixtures for your table saw, router table, band saw, or other tools with a miter slot, you need a miter-gauge bar that fits precisely (in a standard 3/8' (9mm) x 3/4' (19mm) miter s..
R 918.85
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Model: KR PRS3050
Level-Loc Reducing Rings (5-Piece Set) This five-piece set of Level-Loc Reducing Rings fits the Kreg Precision Router Table Insert Plate, as well as Precision Router Table Lift, allowing you to customize the size of the opening around the bit. The set includes rings with..
R 776.25
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Model: KR PRS3040
Precision Router Table Insert Plate Levelers Add An Insert Plate to Your Shop-Built Router Table These unique levelers are the easiest way to add an insert plate to your shop-built router table. They eliminate the need for a supporting rabbet and feature a unique bott..
R 684.25
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